eCarExpo – fast-paced development since 2016

eCarExpo was born seven years ago as a fair concept focused around the electrification of our vehicles. Right from the very beginning, the concept differed in some important areas from the traditional car shows.

eCarExpo is:
• A meeting place that embraces both the electrified car and all conceivable three- and two-wheeled electric vehicles that pop up in the switch to electric driving.

• It is a meeting and trading place for the entire infrastructure behind electrification, for the tech industry that supplies the vehicles with charging and the energy companies that ensure that we get electricity from all different sources.

• It is an interactive fair that gives visitors the opportunity to test-drive a range of the market’s models on site, with an indoor charging area and in the Friends Arena also the entire test drive track inside – together with the Geneva Salon, the only car fair that offers the same opportunities.

• It is a trading place where cars are bought and contracts are signed directly in the fair – the opportunity to compare the new products in one place becomes crucial for the consumer, who can make the deal on the spot and take advantage of special offers.

• eCarExpo is a two-city fair in Sweden, located in the country’s two major population centers; in Gothenburg and Stockholm and thus has a reach to half of the country’s population.

• The number of exhibitors and visitors has tripled since the start in 2016, and in 2022 in Stockholm reached over 100 exhibitors and 13,545 visitors.
90% of the car manufacturers represented in the country participated directly via their import companies.

• In 2022, we will also run for the second year in a row in Copenhagen, now in Bella Center.

• In May, 2023 we also expand to Tallinn – Estonia!

eCarExpo is organized by eLife Nordic AB, Båtmansvägen 10, 181 41 Lidingö, Sweden